Stereo Tull Presents


Released: 08/20/2016


01. Like a Bulldozer

02. Enslaved by a Song

03. Sometimes

04. Let It Go

05. A Little Bit of This

06. Let's Keep Tehran Alive

07. One Moment

08. For Kami

09. All of Us

10. Last Episode


Vaziyate Narenji

(Condition Orange)


Released: 09/21/2015


01. Saz Nemishe Zad

02. Baroon Nemiad Inja, Morteza

03. Roozmarregi

04. Shab Bood

05. Oono Nadidi

06. Alan Mige Yadesh Nist

07. Varda Biar

08. Varda Bebar

09. Khate Faseleh/Eshghe Sorat

10. Jaddeh khoshbakhti

11. Keramat

12. Ey Dad Az Eshgh


Zang Bezan Azhans

(Call a Cab)


Released: 08/06/2014


01. Saz Nemishe Zad (Don't Play Your Axe Here)

02. Shabha Peydat Nist (You Disappear Each Night)

03. Jonoon E Melli (National Lunacy)

04. Hame Khabidan (All Are Asleep)

05. Alan Mige Yadesh Nist (She Can't Remember Now)

06. Zang Bezan Azhans (Call A Cab)

07. Pich E Akhar (Last Turn)

08. Epidemic

09. Khat E Fasele (Interval)

10. Keramat

11. Mah E No (New Moon)


Tashkilate Movazi

(Parallel Establishments)


Release Date: 02/01/2013


01. Roozhaye Kootah

02. Mamnooe

03. Varda Biar

04. Fasl

05. Oono Nadidi

06. Broken Bicycles

07. Rahaee

08. Mottaham

09. Tashkilate Movazi

10. To Ke Nisti


Natijeye Mozakerat

(Outcome of Negotiations)


Release Date: 12/01/2011


01. It Never Rains Here Morteza

02. Don't You Remember Haji

03. Always a Failure With You

04. I'm Leaving

05. His Excellency Has Approved

06. Done With

07. Those Were the Days

08. Use Low Gear

09. Kiss of Fire

10. When Then

11. Cloudy City


Se Taghtiteh

(Triple Distilled)


Release Date: 10/04/2010


01. Zoorba-ye-Malayeri (Zoorba the Malayeri) 

02. Eshgh va Marg dar Donya-ye Majazi (Love and Death in the Time     of Facebook)

03. Charkhesh-e Pooch (Absurd Turning Wheel) 

04. Agha! Nigah Dar (Hold On, Sir) 

05. Setareh (Star) 

06. Oonvar-e Darya (The Other Side of the Sea) 

07. Taraneh (Song) 

08. Ay Ay (Ay, Ay) 

09. Chaman-e Sabz (Green Grass) 

10. Pragmatism-e Eshghi (Pragmatism in Love) 

11. Kafsh (Shoe) 

12. Varda Bebar (Take It and Go) 

13. Yarom Bia (Come My Love) 

14. Shab Bood (It was Nighttime) 

15. To Kojayee (Where Are You)


Bagh e Vahsh e Jahani

(Global Zoo)


Release Date: 10/24/2008


01. Ay Ay 1

02. Sirabi e Naft 

03. Pragmatism e Eshghi (Pragmatism in Love) 

04. Agha! Nigah Dar (Hold On, Sir)

05. Kafsh (Shoe) 

06. Livanha, Botriha, Galonha (Glasses, Bottles and Gallons)

07. Gerogangiri Dar Bagh e Vahsh (Hostage Crisis in the Zoo)

08. Charkhesh e Pooch (Absurd Turning Wheel) 

09. Yarom Bia (Come my love) 

10. Ay Ay 2


Eshgh e Sorat

(Amor de la Velocidad)


Release Date: 04/01/2007


01. Eshgh e Sorat (Love of Speed) 

02. Bitarbiat (Bad Manners) 

03. Hame Ragham Mojood Ast (We Carry All Kinds) 

04. Afsoos (Regret) 

05. Shab Raft (The Night is Gone)

06. To Kojayee (Where Are You) 

07. Kolangi Ghabeleh Sokoonat (Broken yet Livable) 

08. Miniboos Sabz (The Green Minibus) 

09. Lalaee Barayeh Madarbozorg (Lullaby for Grandmother) 

10. Amoo Asadollah (Uncle Asadollah) 

11. Zoghal e Khoob (Good Charcoal)


Adam e Mamooli

(Ordinary Man)


Release Date: 07/15/2005


01. Roozmaregi (Dailiness) 

02. Taraneh (Song) 

03. Adameh Mamooli (Ordinary Man) 

04. Taghseereh Man Bood (My Bad) 

05. Zorbaye Malayeri (Zorba The Malayeri) 

06. Sobh Shod (Morning Has Come)

07. Ey Dad Az Eshgh (What About Love) 

08. Ghanooneh Kham Shodeh Blues (Bent Rules Blues) 

09. Jaddeh Khoshbakhti (Road to Happiness)

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